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Whispers From Another World(Whitney Powers Paranormal Adventure #1)

Jason Paul Rice-99 Cents/Free on Kindle Unlimited

A strong-willed woman. A new cop on the local force. Two lonely souls find each other and embark on a paranormal mystery adventure.



Fallen Ashes: Fated and Forbidden

T.F. Walsh-99 Cents/Free on Kindle Unlimited

Magically-bound, determined, and both fighting an undeniable attraction, can Saber and Fallen work together to free themselves and save their world by defeating the Collector? Or will time slip out of their grasp and all will be lost?



The Dragonian’s Witch

Meg Xuemei X-$2.99/Free on Kindle Unlimited

He abducts me to find his fated mate, unaware that I am she.




A Magical Shift:A Hot Paranormal Fantasy

Vella Day-Free

A witch’s powerful presence brings this shifter to his knees, and his animalistic ruggedness has her panting for more. When Isadora Berta’s life is threatened, Alpha werewolf, Ryerson McKinnon vows to protect her, but can Izzy find real safety when love as magical as theirs can render her powerless?



The Edge

Fleur Camacho-99 Cents/Free on Kindle Unlimited

Hell exploded outside her door.

Jace emerged from the chaos. He was a gift from heaven.



Saved by a Dragon

Lauren Lively-99 Cents/Free on Kindle Unlimited

The doorways stand between two worlds – do they hold the keys that will unlock their survival as well as their passion?




Black Hellebore

Nicole Zoltack-Free

Between becoming a superhero, falling for his deceased girlfriend’s twin, and fighting a super villain, Nicholas Adams’ life will never be the same.



Shiftr: Swipe Left For Love (Olsen)

Ariana Hawkes-99 Cents/Free on Kindle Unlimited

He is a growly bear, who can’t locate his inner human. She’s a curvy lady, who has plenty of physical and emotional scars. Can he heal her?



Rune Sword

Amelia Wilson-99 Cents/Free on Kindle Unlimited

An ancient sword points the way to an ages-old conflict and eternal love.



The Vampire’s Bite

Laura Greenwood-99 Cents/Free on Kindle Unlimited

Tony never asked to be a vampire. He didn’t even know they existed until he interrupted the wrong man.



Creatures: A Limited Edition Boxed Set

J & L Wells and 23 More Authors

CREATURES is a collection of otherworldly tales from today’s indie-favorite New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors! So curl up on your sofa with a steaming cup of tea and Creatures, if you dare brave the beasts!



Primal Desire

Olivia Harp-99 Cents/Free on Kindle Unlimited

Badass teacher from LA meets a Bear shifter who bends the forces of nature to his will. Will they succumb to their desire?




Bridgette O’Hare-Free

HELL’S MOST WANTED LIST just grew by one – good girl, Halle Michaels. Hunted by Hell’s elite and armed only with her dead father’s cryptic journal and a possible double-agent protector, who’s a reluctant prophet to trust?



It’s Raining Men

Jennifer Stevenson-99 Cents

Chloe’s favorite bartender Archie finally hits on her and claims he is a sex demon who has arranged for her to find love. “Just for you, for a limited time, it’s gonna start raining men.”



Golden(F’d Up Fairy Tales)

Stephanie Nicole Norris-99 Cents/Free on Kindle Unlimited

Queen Isabella appreciated her swollen belly. In just a few days she would be gifting King Eldridge something they both had been waiting for, a child.




The Golden Desires

Ann M Pratley-99 Cents

Through the magic of paranormal time travel, a man from our world and time begins to dream of a woman, as she dreams of him. Venturing on a trek of self-discovery, he discovers a village that has long since been destroyed. The strength of a bond that the two dreamers share eventually allow him to crossover into her world, leaving all that he has ever known behind as he finds a world he’s never even dreamed of before.



The Snow Patrol

Roz Marshall-99 Cents

Lost and alone at the end of a day’s skiing, White Cairns’ instructor Debbie McNeill is facing her worst nightmare – until a dreamboat ski patroller comes to her aid. But to her surprise, she discovers that this snowy equivalent of a knight in shining armour has a secret…



Secret Legends Boxed Set

21 Award Winning Authors-99 Cents

This must-read paranormal romance and urban fantasy boxed set is filled with tales of vampires, aliens, angels, witches, ghosts, shifters, sirens, and more, containing over one hundred hours of page-turning reads that will leave your heart pounding and your pulse racing.




Roam Around the Earth(Whitney Powers Paranormal Adventure #2)

Jason Paul Rice-$2.99 on PreOrder

A newly engaged couple takes on government corruption with the help of the preternatural.




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Roam Around The Earth–Whitney Powers Paranormal Adventure #2

A newly engaged couple takes on government corruption with the help of the preternatural.

The most important case at the Bureau of Intelligence just landed in the hands of Whitney Powers and Trent Merrick.  The rookie agents are stunned by the magnitude and scope that seems to go straight to the top.

Whitney and Trent soon find out that this won’t be a simple open and closed case.  They have to fight against stonewalling politicians that will stop at nothing to keep their secrets hidden.

Will these historic crimes go unpunished or can Whitney and Trent overcome the mountain of obstacles to save the country?

Roam Around the Earth is the 2nd Standalone Book in the Whitney Powers Paranormal Adventures.  If you enjoy medium-spiced romance with aspects of mystery, suspense, magical time travel and crime solving in an urban fantasy setting, start your reading journey now.





Whisper From Another World-Whitney Powers Paranormal Adventure #1

A strong-willed woman. A new cop on the local force. Two lonely souls find each other and embark on a paranormal mystery adventure.

Twelve-year-old Whitney Powers looks at the books on supernatural phenomena in a dark corner of the Granny Larson Library. As she stares, the bookshelf begins to shake and a prism-like flash of light blinds her momentarily.

Whitney goes missing for the next three days. Finally, a local patrolman finds her a few miles from the library. Her explanation of the incident causes her to be ridiculed for the next eighteen years. Despite countless opportunities to leave and end the abuse, she’s stayed in this small town.

Why has she always remained close to the Granny Larson Library, which is supposedly haunted?

What happened during those three days that’s forcing her to stay back and work at the library?

Whispers From Another World is a gripping standalone short-novel in the Whitney Powers Paranormal Adventure Series. If you enjoy medium heat romance with elements of mystery, suspense, preternatural events and crime-solving in an urban fantasy setting, start this book now.