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Kindle Fire HD Giveaway

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If you are a book lover, you should check out BookRebel.  You get 10 Free Books just for signing up.

BookRebel Link



Get to know the participating writers by visiting their Amazon Author Page.

Jason Paul Rice-AMAZON PAGE

Ilana Waters-AMAZON PAGE



Aaron Hodges-AMAZON PAGE

Patty Jansen-AMAZON PAGE

Andy Peloquin-AMAZON PAGE

Melinda Kuscera-AMAZON PAGE

Aldrea Alien-AMAZON PAGE

Craig A. Price-AMAZON PAGE


Julian North-AMAZON PAGE


Aurora Springer-AMAZON PAGE

Ashley L. Hunt-AMAZON PAGE


This giveaway was sponsored by the Guild of Epic Authors.



16 thoughts on “Kindle Fire HD Giveaway

  1. Oh I would love to win a new kindle fire but most of all I am so looking forwards to reading these authors books
    Thank you
    Sheila x

  2. What a great device to read books on and manage the Kindle library. Thank you, Authors for the chance to get one.

  3. I think what you are doing is great, it gives someone that may not be able to afford a Kindle Fire the chance to win one! Good luck to every one. I may be 70 years old and I still love to read. Lynne

  4. I would love to win one,but if I do please give it to someone who can’t afford to buy one for themselves.

  5. I bought one for myself, but since my sons xbox broke i gave it to him to play games on. I would luv to win to have one for myself to read on. Thank you for sharing this opportunity and your books with us.

  6. What a wonderful prize! At 71 I am on an Aged Pension living from pension to pension so a new Kindle Fire is out of reach. HD with internet access is amazing! Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for the introduction to new authors! Having read all the masters of SF&F it becomes difficult to find new talent so this is great.

  7. Thank you for your giveaway. Fantastic. I would love to win. I wish everyone could win one also. Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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