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A Storm of Swords Giveaway

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Learn more about the Participating Writers and their Books by Visiting their Amazon Author Pages


Jason Paul Rice-Amazon Author Page

Patty Jansen-Amazon Author Page

L.C. Hibbet-Amazon Author Page

Demelza Carlton-Amazon Author Page

Trip Ellington-Amazon Author Page

Melinda Kuscera-Amazon Author Page

TJ Muir-Amazon Author Page

Farrah Cook-Amazon Author Page

Aldrea Alien-Amazon Author Page

Eileen Enwright Hodgetts-Amazon Author Page

Samuel Stokes-Amazon Author Page



11 thoughts on “A Storm of Swords Giveaway

  1. Thanks so much to the authors for this opportunity to participate in this giveaway. I have ordered the book A Storm of Swords and am looking forward to reading it very much because the clips that I have read of it so far just have me antsy to get a hold of it and love George R.R. Martin books so much also. Haven’t won anything yet but I keep trying!!
    (there was an error when I tried to post before!!)

  2. Thanks to all the wonderful authors for this giveaway. As an avid bibliophile I’m always looking for new authors to add to my reading shelf (both electronic and physical).

  3. Must say I do have this book, and the Entire series so far in hardback. I would love the signed bookplate. Traveled 600 miles to meet Martin once. Way too many people to get through, He had to leave before I could even get close.

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