About the Author

Jason Paul Rice was born and raised in the steel city of Pittsburgh. A strong work ethic was instilled in Jason from a very young age. Dedication and sacrifice were constantly exemplified by his mother, Judy, and that taught Jason that nothing comes easy. After working extensively as a Chef (yes, you can ask him questions about food or cooking), Jason took the polar bear plunge into the icy waters of the book publishing world. He uses the accumulated lessons from a crazy life, and puts heart and soul into his writing. Rice is currently in the midst of finishing The Pearl of Wisdom Saga.
The best way to help Jason Paul Rice is by word of mouth. If you have enjoyed his work, please tell a friend or fellow reader about the book. If you have tremendously enjoyed his work and would like to be part of “Jason Paul Rice’s Roundtable” to take part in receiving exclusive swag and autographed books then welcome aboard. The “Roundtable” reads all new work before anyone else, can influence a book before publication and has direct access to Jason. If this interests you, email twoheadstwospikes@gmail.com and Mr. Rice will be glad to talk to you.

Jason’s true passion is helping people that are victims of circumstance.  He would like to gain enough influence through writing to provide books and ereaders to the homeless and underprivileged children of the world.  His mother always made sure that he got to the library or bookmobile to feed his appetite for books but Jason realizes that some people don’t have this option and would love to make literature readily available for everyone.