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Author Promotion Opportunities – Jason Paul Rice
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Author Promotion Opportunities

Hello fellow authors.  I am coordinating several group author promotions aimed at increasing exposure, sales and list building.  I am an epic fantasy writer but will be hosting events for different genres too.  There will be a few different varieties of group author pushes and the success of these promotions will be fueled by our collective mailing lists and social media presence.  Here is a look at my current promo so you can get an idea of what they will look like: FANTASY DEALS PROMO

 And without further ado, let’s get to the details for each of the promotions.



Kindle Fire HD Giveaway Promotion

–Capped at 10-12 Authors

–All Sci-Fi and Fantasy

–February 10-March 10


This is a group author giveaway designed to gain subscribers.  This will be going on for one month so you should be able to mention it to your newsletter a couple of times.  For much more information and signup, please see this GOOGLE FORM




5 Day Group Promotion

–99 Cent or Free Books on major retailers(no InstaFreebie books)

–No Cap Set Yet

–All Fantasy and Sci-Fi

–Box Sets and Book Bundles Welcome

–January 31-February 4

No cost to join other than sending to your newsletter during promo date and pushing through social media.  Submit your 99 cent or free book for a five day promotion that will hopefully result in lots of sales or downloads.  This will be driven by our collective newsletters and sending during the date range is required.  I will also set up a viral Headtalker project page for this too.  This will be linked to the One Day Stand promos which go out one day before and one day after this promotion so it would be best to leave your deal set for one extra day if you can, not required.  I will describe the One Day Pushes below.  This one is rather self explanatory but here is the Google form with finer details about the project:  LINK



No cost to enter other than sending newsletter on specified day.  I’m loosely calling these group promos One Day Stands because that is simply what they are.  I don’t mean for it to imply its nocturnal counterpart.  These will be small multi-author pushes with a limited number of participants who all send their newsletters on the same day.  Obviously the success will be in the strength of everyone’s newsletters so you will need an active, sizable list for these to succeed.   You can only sign up for one or two of these categories because I don’t want the same people in every one.  There won’t be special banners so these promos are required to be the first feature in your newsletter after your personal news and updates.  (If anyone would like to do a banner for the promo you enter, you will get top placement for the promo but the banner has to be good and fit the promo.)  And not really a feature, more of a text mention, but before other group promos or single book features.  Newsletters must be sent on exact date of promotion, no exceptions.  Sorry to sound like a hard ass but these are free business ventures to make money and gain exposure and I need to take the correct measures to maximize the success for everyone.  These are perfect for Kindle Countdown Promotions to capture a 70% royalty and provide readers with a great deal.  As for prices, free and 99 cents will always work best, but you can submit books at any price for all the categories except the free one, of course.  I have set two different promos for the same day so we can advertise off of each other and some of these will be mentioned at the bottom of the big promotion.  No InstaFreebie books.


–Can’t have a release date before December 1

–Capped at 8 Authors

–All genres except erotica



–Only Epic Fantasy

–Capped at 8 Authors



–All genres except erotica

–this may be bigger than the others, but probably no more than 15 authors



–Capped at 8 to 12 Authors–LINK TO DETAILS AND SIGNUP


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