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Books featuring Strong Female Characters-February 23 – Jason Paul Rice
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Books featuring Strong Female Characters-February 23

Please enjoy this fine selection of literature celebrating strong female characters from a wide array of books within the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres.  Most deals are only available today(February 23) and please check all final prices before purchasing.  Happy reading to all.


Shifting Reality

99 Cents-Science Fiction/Military

Patty Jansen

They came from the poorest cities on Earth. They were promised free food and housing. They didn’t know that they, or their children, would never see Earth again.




The Free Trader of Warren Deep

99 Cents-KINDLE UNLIMITED-Science Fiction

Craig Martelle

Compared to Andre Norton, David Gemmell, and Larry Niven, the Free Trader series takes you to a colonized world across the galaxy where engineered animals help the people survive and become masters of the planet. After a devastating civil war, humanity and its creations rise again. The Free Trader finds himself at a crossroads – can he and his Cat prevent a repeat of past mistakes as they rebuild civilization?




The Jacq of Spades: Part 1 of the Red Dog Conspiracy

99 Cents-Steampunk neo-noir

Patricia Loofbourrow

Set in a far future neo-Victorian city, The Jacq of Spades follows a strong-willed, intelligent female detective on her first major case as she searches for a missing boy. Along the way she has to find out who the Red Dogs are, play nice with the sadistic father-in-law, and avoid the man who blames her for the death of someone close to him, all while being married to one of the city’s biggest drug-lords. Easy, right?




Throne of Ice

99 Cents-Fairy Tales and Folklore

Paula Hunter

Throne of Ice is an original fantasy fairy tale, loosely based on: Snow White, The Snow Queen and other fairy tales. With action & adventure, strong female protagonist and a magical touch of romance.






99 Cents-KINDLE UNLIMITED-Urban Fantasy

Chloe Garner

Sam & Jason are paranormal exterminators, and they’ve seen everything. Or so they thought. They’ve never seen anything like Samantha before.




Soul Sanctuary

$3.99-KINDLE UNLIMTED-Epic Fantasy

Susan Faw

Snatched from her home by a Primordial Seeker, seventeen-year-old Avery is imprisoned by the people she intended to serve. In a desperate bid for freedom, she escapes, only to find herself racing against time to save those who seek to use her. Driven by jealousy, the lust for power and the stain of ancient crimes, conflicting factions struggle to gain control of the magic of a Spirit Shield. Avery must dodge all who cross her path, for each group vies to control her actions.




Broken Worlds

99 Cents-Science Fiction Space Opera

Drew Avera

The Greshian Empire is spreading across the Alorian Galaxy leaving destruction in its wake. Anki and Brendle are on opposing sides of the war, but circumstances thrust them together and they must help one another in order to survive. But can they escape the might of the Empire?




Eden Forest

$1.71-Paranormal Fantasy

Aoife Marie Sheridan

Sarajane Anderson is your regular twenty-one year old with family, friends and a normal job. She also happens to be the only person who can save Saskia, a parallel world to earth.




Lake Of Sins: Escape

FREE-YA Dark Fantasy

L.S. O’Dea

Only the best are chosen to breed; Trinity isn’t one of them. She has one week to discover the fate of her kind while being hunted by predators long thought to be extinct.




Dark One’s Mistress

99 Cents-New Adult Gothic Romance

Aldrea Alien

Having been kidnapped and imprisoned, seventeen-year-old Clarabelle Weaver is determined to escape the clutches of her kingdom’s Great Lord. That is, until she learns his heirless death will free the soulless criminals enslaved in his army and, with the enemy knocking on their doors, she must decide if her freedom is really worth a kingdom.




Excalibur Rising – Book One

99 Cents-Arthurian Fantasy

Eileen Enwright Hodgetts

Excalibur Rising is an edge-of-your-seat fantasy suspense novel laced with wit and history. If you like funny characters, dramatic plot twists, and the myth of King Arthur, then you’ll love the first book in the Excalibur Rising series by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts.



This has been brought to you by the Guild of Epic Authors and The Pearl of Wisdom Saga


The Pearl of Wisdom Saga is the story of a medieval kingdom told by an ensemble cast featuring the Warrior Princess(pictured above), Queen Emilia, Elisa and Mariah.  These female characters use their mental and physical abilities to prove that strong women thrived in every time period.  Pick up these books today to enjoy a wild reading adventure.  All books are free with Kindle Unlimited

Volume 1-Two Heads Two Spikes-99 Cents       Amazon Link    Worldwide Link







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