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Books with Dragons

Thank you for looking at these fine books containing dragons.  Please be sure to check final prices before purchasing.  Thank you and Happy Reading.



The Pearl of Wisdom Saga Two Book Bundle

Jason Paul Rice-99 Cents Free on Kindle Unlimited

If you love George R.R. Martin, Joe Abercrombie and Robin Hobb, you’ll enjoy a series that combines their tradition with a multiple point of view epic fantasy set in the medieval period.  Pick up the Pearl of Wisdom Saga and embark on a reading adventure filled with forbidden romance, family struggles, suspense, dragons and strong female characters amid overtones of classic fantasy.




The Mountain King

Emma Alisyn-99 Cents-Free on Kindle Unlimited

Kailigh must turn to Dragon Lord Maddugh to save her daughter, but he has a price.




Young Merlin: A Dragon’s Tale

Victoria Richards-$2.99

When Merlin is pulled from the Dark Ages into the future by a clever incubus and the Lady of the Lake, he learns they plan to kill him before he can become the Merlin of legend. That means no King Arthur, no Excalibur, and no Camelot.





Of Cinder and Bone

Kyoko M-99 Cents

Two MIT scientists clone the first dragon ever seen since the 15th century. Someone steals it.




Descended from Dragons: an Urban Fantasy

Tricia Owens-$3.99

When a demon threatens to take over Las Vegas, saving the city falls to the young owner of a cursed pawnshop whose every use of sorcery pushes her closer to losing her humanity.






Aaron Hodges-$2.99  Free on Kindle Unlimited

For five hundred years the Gods have united the Three Nations in harmony. Now that balance has been shattered, and chaos threatens.




Dragon’s Egg

Emily Martha Sorensen-$2.99

Rose didn’t count on becoming a mother to a brand new baby dragon egg. Can three strangers of two different species become a family?




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