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Hot New Releases-March 2

Please enjoy this selection of New Books for everyone to enjoy.  All prices should be accurate, but double-check on the retailer before buying to be sure.  Happy Reading.


Six Heads, One Crown(January 30 Release)-Jason Paul Rice

Epic Fantasy-$2.99-Free on Kindle Unlimited

In a land where power is everything, six unrelenting people have set their eyes on the same throne.  Will the Wamhoff dynasty hold onto their power or will an ambitious upstart take the realm?  With a 4.8 Star Rating and 21 reviews on Amazon in less than a month, find out why readers are loving the Third Volume in the Pearl of Wisdom Saga and, you can get the entire series for Free on Kindle Unlimited.




Death’s Queen(February 23)-Lisa Blackwood

Epic Fantasy-$2.99

  Death wants his queen back.  After her two sisters are caught up by destiny’s call, Lamarra Stonemantle is the only one left to play the role of dutiful noble daughter. A task she embraces in an effort to hide the dark magic living inside her own soul. Now that power is whispering its seductive promises again.




Comet Tales(February 28)-Aurora Springer

Science Fiction Romance-99 Cents

Four short stories and a novella. Trudge over the rocks of Mars, trek through a hazardous alien jungle, or pop across the galaxy in a pirate ship in five fun tales of adventure and romance.  Pick this up right now to blast off on a great reading voyage.




The Duke of Brun(February 17)-Spencer Pierson

Sword and Sorcery-99 Cents-Free on Kindle Unlimited

Now that Ashrak has killed his father, he and Chari must journey to the Duchy of Brun and attempt to wrest control of that desert land away from the powerful Lords that hold dominion there.




EXOTIQA(March 1)-M. Black

SyFy Dystopia YA-$2.99-Free on Kindle Unlimited

Divergent meets iRobot. In a world where humans are part robot and robots are part human, lines are blurred in this action-adventure thriller.




Soul Sanctuary(January 26)-Susan Faw

Epic Fantasy-$3.99-Free on Kindle Unlimited

Driven by jealousy, the lust for power and the stain of ancient crimes, conflicting factions struggle to gain control of the magic of a Spirit Shield. Avery must dodge all who cross her path, for each group vies to control her actions. She must fight for control of the souls of the world, and in doing so must face her worst fear of all: family.




Before the Luck Runs Out(January 4)-TJ Muir

Epic Fantasy-99 Cents-Free on Kindle Unlimited

Great Expectations meets the Thief of Baghdad, as homeless Jedda gets caught stealing from a powerful Ruler in the great and corrupt city of Tatak Rhe.Now he is caught in a game of power and politics that he doesn’t understand, where a wrong step will cost him his life.




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