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Roam Around The Earth–Whitney Powers Paranormal Adventure #2

A newly engaged couple takes on government corruption with the help of the preternatural.

The most important case at the Bureau of Intelligence just landed in the hands of Whitney Powers and Trent Merrick.  The rookie agents are stunned by the magnitude and scope that seems to go straight to the top.

Whitney and Trent soon find out that this won’t be a simple open and closed case.  They have to fight against stonewalling politicians that will stop at nothing to keep their secrets hidden.

Will these historic crimes go unpunished or can Whitney and Trent overcome the mountain of obstacles to save the country?

Roam Around the Earth is the 2nd Standalone Book in the Whitney Powers Paranormal Adventures.  If you enjoy medium-spiced romance with aspects of mystery, suspense, magical time travel and crime solving in an urban fantasy setting, start your reading journey now.





Whisper From Another World-Whitney Powers Paranormal Adventure #1

A strong-willed woman. A new cop on the local force. Two lonely souls find each other and embark on a paranormal mystery adventure.

Twelve-year-old Whitney Powers looks at the books on supernatural phenomena in a dark corner of the Granny Larson Library. As she stares, the bookshelf begins to shake and a prism-like flash of light blinds her momentarily.

Whitney goes missing for the next three days. Finally, a local patrolman finds her a few miles from the library. Her explanation of the incident causes her to be ridiculed for the next eighteen years. Despite countless opportunities to leave and end the abuse, she’s stayed in this small town.

Why has she always remained close to the Granny Larson Library, which is supposedly haunted?

What happened during those three days that’s forcing her to stay back and work at the library?

Whispers From Another World is a gripping standalone short-novel in the Whitney Powers Paranormal Adventure Series. If you enjoy medium heat romance with elements of mystery, suspense, preternatural events and crime-solving in an urban fantasy setting, start this book now.


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