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The Wall of Winners


This is a list of people who have won Jason Paul Rice’s Giveaways.  This is just a recent list from memory so there are even more giveaways that I can’t remember from years past.

A Storm of Swords UK Version and Signed George R.R. Martin Bookplate–Terry L.–Awarded March 1, 2017


A Game of Thrones Comic(Signed By George R.R. Martin and Daniel Abraham)–Scarlett K.–Awarded January 3, 2017–Jamaal T.–Awarded January 2, 2017–Danny C.–Awarded July 23, 2015–Samantha–Awarded January 2, 2017


Kindle Fire HD–Derek L.–Awarded December 20, 2016–Kyle O.– Awarded August 13, 2015


A Game of Thrones Collector SlipCased Edition–Bob M.–Awarded December 10,2016


A Storm of Swords First Print Hardback–Barbara S.–Awarded December 30, 2016


$50 Amazon Gift Card-Kyle O.–Awarded March 11, 2017


Autographed Copy of Two Heads, Two Spikes–Scarlett K.–Awarded December 15, 2017–Erica L.–Awarded January 24, 2017


Autographed Copy of Fractured Families–Cheryl D.–Awarded March 11, 2017–Angeline T.–Awarded August 12, 2016


Personalized Bookplates–Too Many to List(See picture below)




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